Registration for 25th NCeG will close on 21st November 2022.


25th National Conference on e-Governance

25th National Conference on e-Governance will be held in Jammu on 26th & 27th November 2022. It will include sessions on selected themes and sub-themes, exhibition Wall of Fame and other related activities. Speakers and participants will include dignitaries from the Central and State Government and Public and Private sectors from pan India. The theme for this years conference is "e-Governance" Bringing Citizens, Industry and Government Closer"

Delegates, Panelists, Award Winners and Participants can register using the "Participant Registration" menu option on the portal.

Request for exhibition stalls can also be submitted through this portal using the "Request Exhibition Stall" option. After submitting a request for an exhibition stall, exhibitors can also register as participants for their stall from the "Participant Registration" option.